Padoa 1927 Brand Identity Dododesign&Co.

Bronzisti a Milano dal 1927. For Padoa 1927 we have developed the new brand identity restyling.

PADOA 1927

We have translated into image and brand identity their timeless values, exclusive of an art, metalworking, handed down from generations but still relevant and the first choice of internationally renowned architects and designers.

Brand Identity Padoa 1927 Dododesign&Co.
Brand Identity Padoa Dododesign&Co.
Brand Identity Padoa Dododesign&Co.

Website design | Brand Identity

Gold inserts, logo font and symbols translate their values.

The creation of the pattern was born from the study and research on their historical workings. We photographed every product and then transformed them into a decorative pattern.

The website design reflects in its simplicity the elegance and tradition of the history of the brand.

Brand Design Padoa Dododesign&Co.